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AVG network AntiVirus Free

Method 1 Installing AVG network

1. Uninstall any antivirus programs. You should only run one antivirus program on your computer at a time to avoid conflicts and errors. AVG network most likely will not even install if it detects another antivirus program running.

2. Download AVG network Free. You can download the file from the AVG network website. You will be directed to Download.com, where you can start your file download.

  • AVG network is not available for Mac OS X.

3. Run the install file. The install will begin, and the necessary files will be downloaded. Select your language and click Next >.

4. Read and accept the license agreement. You must accept it to continue, so it recommended that you read the details.

5. Select the Free license. After checking to make sure that no conflicting programs are installed, AVG network will ask what type of installation you would like.

  • Selecting Express Install will install AVG toolbars and custom search sites into your browser. Disable these if you wish by choosing a Custom Installation and unchecking the boxes. Click Next >.
  • If you chose Custom Installation, you can choose what components to install in the next screen. You can turn on or off extra features.

6. Wait for AVG network to install. Once your installation is configured, the files will be downloaded and installed automatically. This may take several minutes depending on your computer speed and network connection.

7. Restart your computer to complete the installation.

Method 2 Configuring AVG network

1. Update AVG network. Once AVG network is installed, make sure that the latest virus updates are downloaded. Right-click on the AVG icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop. Select “Update now” from the menu.

  • The AVG network installer does not always contain the latest virus updates, so be sure to check for updates as soon as possible.

2. Run your first scan. Click the Scan now button in the bottom-left corner of the AVG network window. Depending on your computer’s speed and storage size, this could up to several hours. Any viruses found will be automatically quarantined or deleted by AVG network.

3. Set up scheduled scans. From the main AVG network menu, click the menu button next to the Scan Now button. It looks like 3 horizontal bars. Click Manage Scheduled Scans, and then “Edit scan schedule.”

  • Make sure Scheduled Scan is enabled at the top.
  • Set up an automated scan. It is recommended that you scan your computer at least once per week. Pick a time that your computer is on but you probably won’t be using it, as scans take a lot of system resources.

Secure Your Success

AVG Free Partner Program



AVG has every avenue of support you could ask for. You get direct contact over live chat, email and phone, along with a knowledgebase, how-to videos and a community forum. All these support options are split across home and business products, as well, so you don’t have to worry about the two mingling. The knowledgebase is broken up by product. Articles are detailed and filled with screenshots, so following tutorials and understanding complex topics is simple. AVG maintains articles from 2015, so dated versions of the software can still find support.

AVG Free power of two

AVG has around-the-clock phone support for 16 countries. If you fall outside of those locations, there’s a worldwide support line in English that runs 24/7. Live chat is also available. You’re first sent to an AI that will point you towards articles in the knowledgebase. At any point, AVG can transfer you to a live agent should you want it to. Few other antivirus providers have the support system that AVG has. The knowledgebase is clean and helpful, forums are active and direct support routes are robust.

Grab the AVG Free Connected advantage

AVG has a good suite of features, along with a clean cut, understandable interface. The most impressive thing about it is how simple it is to use. It loads quickly, even though it takes 753MB on the hard drive. A full scan of the test system took an hour and it was thorough. It contains real-time protection for viruses, ransomware, anti-spam and a firewall. It comes with cloud-enabled security and anti-phishing protection. It also includes a good file shredder feature. Put them together and you get a package that will keep your PC safe, your files secure and hackers out.

Keep your customers safe and your business growing

The AVG Free is a low-cost entry into antivirus protection with an emphasis on personal identity protection, blocking malicious attempts to access your webcam or microphone and preventing anyone from tracking you online. It will also remove login credentials to eliminate the possibility of them being copied. If privacy is important to you, this is a good solution. There is a free 30-day trial for one Windows device, giving you a “test drive�? to see if you like it. If you decide to buy it, the price is competitive.

Free AVG Free partner ecosystem

AVG Free sacrifices some of the personal identity protection to focus on malware prevention, removal, firewall security, ransomware, anti-phishing and anti-spam protection. It is a traditional package of features for keeping your computer secure. The price doesn’t quite double from the first tier to the second. There’s also a 30-day trial for one Windows device at this tier, but it is more expensive than most comparable software. The final software package, AVG Total Security, costs 9 cents more than buying the Identity Shield and Advanced Security separately.

Intel AVG Free Partner Program Ecosystem
Program Category Resell Technology
Partner Type

Partner Level
Solution Provider


Value Added
  • Global Alliance
  • AVG Activate Innovation Alliance
  • Embedded & OEM
  • Global System Integrator
Managed Services Specialization Yes Yes Yes    
Service Delivery Specialization* Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Support Provider Specialization** Yes        
Partnership Benefits
  • Business Enablement
  • Profitability Programs
  • Sales Support
  • Enablement Training
  • Technical Support

*Service Delivery Specialization will be available 2H 2015.

**Formerly Avg Authorized Support Provider Program (MASP)